Wood Fences Offer Added Security and Privacy


When you choose a fence made of timber, you can customise it to your property’s architecture and surroundings. This type of fencing is an ideal choice for any property owner who is looking for an environmentally friendly and secure fencing solution, or a fence that blends well into the surrounding landscape. There are some great idea’s here.

Wood Fence Styles

Wood fences are popular choices because you can select from a variety of timbers and styles. For example, some of the fence styles include the following:

  • Paddock fencing
  • Palisade fencing
  • Fencing panels
  • Picket fencing

Customising Your Wood Fence

You can also choose electric fences for added security. Easy to install, you can enjoy your wood fence in a quicker amount of time with a minimal amount of disruption. You can also select a wood fence that is customisable. You can take advantage of this option in several ways.  For example:

  • You can pick a specific height for your preferred level of privacy or security.
  • You can choose from one of the variously sized gates, each which are available in different widths.
  • You can alter your fence’s height by trimming the panels.
  • You can affix flower boxes or solar lighting to the fence.
  • You can stain the fence in your desired colour, or in a hue that matches the surrounding environment.

An Environmentally Sustainable Product

Many environmentally conscious consumers are choosing wood fences because the timber is treated with eco-friendly stabilisers and preservatives, substances that reduce swelling and prevent termite damage or wood rot. Disposal is more convenient with a wood fence as well.

Protecting the Fence

Fencing supplies in Cambridge also highlight wood fencing that is ready to stain. Besides enhancing the looks of the fence, staining does the following:

  • It keeps the fence from fading from UV damage.
  • It offers a water-resistant finish that maintains the fence, which prevents water damage.
  • The finish prevents the fence from splitting.

Easy to Integrate

Wood fences are favourite choices because they can be integrated into many settings. These settings can include the following:

  • Parks
  • Commercial lots
  • Rustic or country locations
  • Residential properties
  • University or school properties

As you can see, erecting a wood fence on a property has many advantages. If you are interested in increasing the privacy and security of your property, you will not be disappointed by choosing a wood fence.

Making a Choice for a Wood Fence

When deciding on a wood fence, make sure you choose a wood species that is outdoor-friendly or stands up well in environmental extremes. Some of the preferred woods include redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated pine. Always choose the best wood grade for your needs and support the fence with steel posts, if possible. Adding the steel posts will offer a stronger support for your fencing.

You might consider installing the fence so that it is not exposed to the ground. By taking this approach, you will reduce the chance for any moisture-related issues, such as splitting or warping.

If you want a fence that is natural in appearance and melds well with your landscape, wood is the best choice. Review your options and the benefits online today.

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