Top 3 Must Have Living Room Furniture

Most of our waking time is spent in the living room. From catching up on favourite TV shows to flipping through magazines, its here that we finally end up doing what we like to do. While many have mastered the art of setting up a living room perfectly, there are many who are new to this block.
For all those, here is a quick guide on what furniture you should invest in while setting up a living room. I say furniture exclusively because they take up lots of space and most of the thinking goes into buying them. If you get them right, you get the whole room right!
Read on and find the top 3 must-have furniture that makes a living room complete.
The number one on the list is sofa. It provides seating space, which is essential for every living room. The choice of a good sofa set can give your home its personality depending on the style you choose. Light and airy modern sofa works best for small spaces. Classic sofas are apt for a touch of traditional design. L shaped and corner sofa sets can fit well at specific sections, saving space and providing extra seats. EXTRA TIP: With a plethora of options now made available, you can go through e-commerce sites and buy sofa sets online. They are best at providing the latest trends at discounted prices.
Also, get some chairs and ottomans too so you have some seating space ready, in case you have guests to entertain.
Tables are essential for any living space. Ideally, without them you would not have a place to keep things on. What I like about them is the completeness they add to a room. A coffee table is a must- have, since it holds a seating area together. It either needs to be something that blends with the rest of your furniture or something so quirky, it steals the show.
You can also bring in end tables and consoles depending on space availability. They are good to place your decor accents like lamps, vases and figurines.
Next thing you absolutely need is storage. You can choose living room storage furniture depending on your lifestyle. If you like reading a lot and have piles of books, get a bookshelf. Your books and magazines will sit organized and wont clutter the space lying around.
If you are into gaming and watching TV a lot, then welcome home a good entertainment unit. It need not be too bulky or old fashioned. Opt for sleek ones that come with storage too. So you can have your DVDs, remote controls and other electronic gadgets stored all in one place.
So here, you have the three important furniture that are essential to set up a living room that takes care of all your basic needs. Choose the right furniture with a style that matches your personality, since they not only add functional but also aesthetic value to your home sweet home.

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