The Reason Why Carpet Padding is Important

Isn’t it interesting that when you see the word “padding,” that you and most other people will immediately think about comfort? And that makes perfect sense, due to carpet padding being put to good use as an underlying supporting pad for practically all quality carpets.

And while you might believe that carpet padding is used only under wall to wall carpeting, the truth of the matter is that padding can and is actually used under all kinds of carpets (and rugs).

There are different types of carpet pads out there on the market and the majority of them carry out three tasks. They are:

  1. To provide a more comfortable surface to walk upon
  2. To aid in sound absorption
  3. To place a lower amount of stress on the backs and legs of anyone who walks over them

The extra support is vital when the underlying floor is of a solid type of material.

Three Underlay Categories

Carpet underlay comes in three different categories. These are:

  1. The foam rubber type which is low-priced and works well in homes
  2. The sponge padding type which is robust and perfect for an office environment and homes with high pedestrian traffic
  3. And the fibre pad type which is the strongest and works ideally in very high traffic locations, like factories and other concrete floored buildings

All of these categories, offers various ranges of solutions in thickness and density.

And Then There’s the Newer Fourth Type

Not that far back, a fourth kind of carpet padding was introduced. This happens to be a more natural product usually made from recycled materials making it much more earth-friendly.

  • With the use of natural fibres, this padding wears well and lasts for a long time if good upkeep is given

Which One Shall I Choose?

Choosing the ideal carpet padding in some places may be difficult and while softer pads offer more comfort, they are not always the best solution in conditions of high traffic.

  • In places such as hallways or stairs, it is better to install a thicker pad with a higher-density make-up
  • The softer kind of underlay works best in areas such as bedrooms or places where traffic is low

Do the Homework

You can check out the manufacturer’s recommendations which come with the carpet, which can be explained to you by your carpet installer.

  • Or, if you’re still unsure about the right type of padding to utilise, consult with Buxtons or use the information above to help you out

Because of the importance of a good installation and the great feel to your lovely new carpet, you will soon realise paddings importance.

  • Traditionally, padding is in rolls with standard widths and the lengths of each will depend on a room’s size
  • It can be easily trimmed to perfection from one end of the room to the other

May your lovely new carpet and padding bless your home for many years to come!

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