The Benefits of an Instant Boiling Water Tap

The instant boiling water tap has been around for years in a variety of different forms. Whether for your home or business, the benefits of a tap that can provide boiling water at the touch of a button are hard to pass up on.

If you’re interested in how this technology could make your life more convenient, keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Boiling Water Tap?

The boiling water tap goes by several names but we are positive that you’ll be familiar with at least one of them. The most commonly used term to refer to such a device is the zip tap, as Zip are a well-known manufacturer of instant boiling water taps. Other common names include the hydro tap and hydro boil.

Essentially, they are all designed to carry out the same task; provide boiling water hot enough to make a cup of tea or coffee by just pressing a button or flipping a switch.

How Do They Work?

Boiling water is provided by a high-power water heater which sits underneath the tap, usually within a cupboard. This heater pre-heats water to the required temperature so that its available on demand without the wait you would associate with a traditional kettle.

Most boiling water taps can provide a continuous supply of boiling water for several mugs of hot drinks without having to stop and recharge itself.

Save Time

The most obvious benefit is that of the time saving you will gain in not having to wait 2-3 minutes for the average kettle to boil. This means that you can make cups of coffee faster as well as make use of boiling water for cooking without having to first wait until a saucepan or kettle has boiled.

Save Energy

The less time spent boiling a kettle at full power, the less you will spend on your electricity bills. Your average 2KW kettle requires a considerable amount of energy to boil water. If you care to think just how many times you boil a kettle in the average day, these costs soon add up.

A boiling water tap uses less energy as it heats only what you need at any given moment. Any excess hot water remains within the heater and is kept hot until you require it.

Customise Your Boil

Depending on how particular you are in regard to water temperature, a boiling water tap actually allows you to set the exact temperature of the water dispensed. This is a great feature which shouldn’t be overlooked for any coffee connoisseurs who prefer an exact and consistent temperature for brewing coffee grounds.

Purchase Your Boiling Water Tap

Now you know how much easier instant boiling water will make your life, it’s time to order a tap. The best place to buy boiling water taps is online where you can choose from a wide range of different models at different price points. You will find that many retailers also provide their products to the construction trade and are able to offer a trade account.

Once you’ve used a boiling water tap, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one for so long.

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