On A Slant? How To Know Your Home’s Foundation Is On A Tilt

Your foundation is the structure that supports the rest of your home’s structure. If any problems arise in the foundation, the structural integrity of the entire building is at risk. In the worst case scenario, if these problems are not addressed, the building could collapse. Foundation problems can greatly reduce the value of your home. An expert in foundations in Atlanta points out some of the things that could indicate your foundation is slanted.

Appearance of cracks in walls or floors

It is not unusual for small cracks to appear in newer buildings. These are often caused by settlement. However, if cracks suddenly appear in older buildings, or existing cracks get bigger, that could be a sign of foundation problems.

Doors and windows no longer open or close properly

If the foundation begins to slant, the result can be warped door and window frames. If the warping is severe, it will be clearly visible. At the outset, the warping may not be detectable to the naked eye, but you may find doors and windows do not open and close smoothly. You need to get this checked out.

Chimneys are tilted

This is another indication of possible problems with your foundation. It is important to deal with titled chimneys quickly. They can collapse and endanger the lives of occupants.


Mold is always an indication of dampness. Mold needs moisture to grow. There can be many reasons why an area is damp. It could be down to condensation, but it is often a sign of water getting in from outside. Tracking down the source of this problem can be tricky. Dampness could be an indication of foundation problems.

What to do

It is best to get an expert in to check the stability of your foundation. If you live in an area that is prone to foundation issues, the chances are that you are being affected too. Many foundation problems occur because of the geological nature of the area. Foundations that are on top of soft ground are more likely to start tilting.

The sooner these problems are addressed, the better the outcome, and the lower the repair costs. The good news is that foundation problems can be fixed. One of the most common solutions is to install piers beneath the foundation.

The actual solution will depend on the nature of the problem and the local environment. Local experts will tell you what needs to be done.

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