Make Your Bedroom Your Sleeping Sanctuary With These Furnishing Tips

We don’t need to be told how important bedroom is to all of us. This is where we spend a third of our lives, this is where we habitually sleep. Having a good bedroom design is crucial to us feeling good and rested in that sacred space.

When you buy your new bedroom furniture you need to take into account not only the quality and style, but also whether it actually goes well with your bedroom. Many people tend to forget that and they end up spending lots of money on furniture that will not give them the comfort they so crave.

First of all what is the theme of your bedroom? Is it contemporary, is it minimalistic, is it romantic? Once you determine that, you are one step ahead to buying the furniture that you will be pleased with for many years to come. When you’re out buying your new furniture look at the colors and shapes of the pieces. Would they go with the theme you’ve decided you have in your room? Will they complement it? Having a minimalist theme will not go well with a stuff type of furniture with many textures and bells and whistles. For a minimalist bedroom you need soft and calm colors and the furniture type must be straight and simple. If you want to go to the opposite route, then you need to think of a contemporary style which will go better.

Also depending on the room style, you need to have appropriate colors on your walls and your hanging pictures or paintings should also reflect that theme. So first start from your furniture, then the walls and floor patterns, and ensure that they all follow the very same theme you’ve decided you want to go for.

If you’re not sure what should be the theme of your sanctuary, you can always consult an interior designer, who has eyes trained for these kinds of things. They can give you even an estimate on how much your whole redecoration might cost and will help you with doing that as well.

Also an important aspect is the actual bed, the place where you will indeed sleep. It should be comfortable, soft – but not too soft, and all the parts in it should play their proper role. For example depending on what bed frame you have, your mattress should follow suit. Also your pillows and eventual mattress toppers need to be purchased with comfort in mind. Depending on what bedframe you have (air bed frame, iron bed frame, adjustable bed frame, or something else), your mattress will have to match that very type.

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