How to Keep the Weeds Away from Your Garden

No matter what you plant in your garden, keeping it free of weeds will keep it in better shape.  When your garden is free of weeds, everything you plant will grow better.  The first reason a weed-free garden is important is your plants need ample room above the ground to grow properly.  They cannot be crowded or choked by weeds.  More important, however, is plants cannot grow properly if their roots become tangled with weeds.  They need both the space and nutrients which come from soil that is all their own.

Pulling weeds can be a painstaking, time-consuming effort. Consider hiring some garden help to give your garden a headstart and save the backache. Although any weed growth should be dealt with immediately for the sake of preserving your plants, there are ways to minimize the growth of weeds so there is less work for you going forwards.

When the garden is weed-free, adding layers of hay around the base of each plant will do wonders to minimize weed growth.  This is one of the most natural methods you can use to keep bothersome weeds away from your plants.  There will be less weed growth when you use this method.

These days, very few home gardeners want to use old-fashioned chemicals to kill or prevent weeds in their gardens.  Toxic chemicals are hazardous to the earth and air, as well as being dangerous to the people who work in the garden and eat the foods they grow.  One answer to this is to purchase natural, “green” products.  These products are quite inexpensive, and easy to find at most stores which carry home and gardening supplies.

There are also some “home remedies” for dealing with unwanted weeds in the garden.  Two popular remedies are solutions made primarily of water, with either a vinegar or rubbing alcohol base.  These solutions can easily be sprayed on the weeds, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals.  When you make either of these solutions yourself, they are very inexpensive.

Although products which kill weeds can certainly be helpful, reducing their growth whenever possible is better.  The reason for this is when the roots of weeds are not allowed to remain in the ground, they cannot rob the essential nutrients from the soil that your plants need to grow at their very best.

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