How to Keep Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

When your air conditioning system breaks down in July or August, you might feel tempted to cry, but tears, alas, won’t keep you as cool as the following tips will. Keep them in mind when waiting for your AC to be repaired or if you’re simply trying to cut back on energy usage.

Cook Outdoors

If your air conditioner breaks down, take a look at the weather report so you can plan how to deal with the heat while waiting for your emergency air conditioning repair in Naples, FL. If the weather is clear, plan to cook outdoors so you don’t have to use your stove or oven, which would invariably add more heat to your home. You might also choose this time to enjoy salads or to use your microwave to heat foods. When considering diet, you should also drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and plan to forgo coffee and alcohol, which can deplete moisture in your body.

Close Up Your House

During the heat of the day, it’s best to keep your drapes or curtains closed to bar sunlight from heating up the interior. You should also keep your windows shut in order to block the humidity from entering. You can open them once the sun goes down. If your interior still feels hot and stuffy, cool off by taking a cold shower.

Use Fans

How to Keep Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

Decades ago before AC units became the standard for households, people relied on electric fans to keep them cool throughout the day and night. Ceiling fans, box fans, and pole fans may not keep you as cool as your air conditioning system, but they can alleviate the heat during the hottest part of the day.

Take Field Trips

Rather than suffer in your hot home while waiting for your AC techs to come and repair your unit, consider spending some time at your local library which doubles as a cooling center. Relax with a book or bring along your laptop to enjoy while cooling off from the heat. Other indoor settings like the mall or museums will also have the air conditioning blasting so you can cool off there too.

Suffering an AC breakdown is a genuine nuisance, but these tips can help you keep cool as you wait for your AC service techs to show up to make repairs. With emergency surface, your wait will hopefully be short lived.

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