Getting Rid of Those Ugly White Gutters and Downspouts

We could not get new siding and a new roof on our house without getting that company that does gutter replacement in Perth to provide us with new gutters. I was so glad to be getting rid of the plain white gutters on our house that now had tan siding with gray trim. I wanted gray gutters to match, and we could not find them in the local home supply center. I definitely wanted leaf guard mesh installed too. Not that stuff that clogs, but the good stuff that matches the color of the gutters and installs along the same slope angle as the roofing tile. The old stuff we had made a humped shape over the gutter trough stopping stuff from just sliding off the roof. The new stuff was even with the roof angle letting leaves and twigs and other debris slide right over the gutter and off the roof.

I like the color choice. Plus, the gutters and mesh are all aluminium that will never rust. They come out and make the gutters to the exact length you need on the house. No seams that are going to end up leaking. The old white gutters we had leaked right in the middle where there was a seam. I tried everything I could to stop the leak. I would get it to quit for awhile, then it would start leaking again. No seams in the gutters means no more ability for them to leak. The nice deep gray color also looks very nice. The downspouts are the same color as the gutters. I even like the shape of the front profile of our gutters a whole lot better than the ones we had on the house. Everything matches and there is no glaring white gutters or downspouts that used to stick out like a sore thumb.

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