Four Reasons You Should Always Seek Professional Help For Water Damage

Some homeowners attempt to take restoration and repairs in their own hands in an effort to avoid filing claims and to keep their insurance premiums from going up. Although you can certainly use a mop and general disinfectant to clean up a small, and relatively contained flood, the best results are always obtained by working with licensed and reputable, restoration professionals. Following are four reasons to leave interior water damages to the experts instead.

Water Can Hide Within Building Materials

Many of the basic, construction materials that were used to build your home are porous. Due to this fact, they contain tiny air pockets that provide the perfect, discreet hiding places for moisture. This means that if you try to clean up any significant flood on your own, there will invariably be areas of moisture that you miss. For most jobs, mops and standard-grade extraction equipment are not enough. Professional flood repair services also use heaters, blowers, and air movers to eliminate moisture in baseboards, crawlspaces, and in building materials that lie behind the drywall. Although these property features cannot be easily seen, excess moisture can still undermine their integrity and allow for the development of mold.

Flood Restoration And Mold Mitigation Go Hand In Hand

Beyond drying things out properly, it is also important to carefully disinfect any surfaces both seen and unseen that are likely to develop problems with mildew and mold. It takes just 24 to 48 hours for mold spores to develop. Once they do, however, it can take months to eliminate the resulting health hazard from your home. This makes it far better to hire a company that can handle all extraction, drying, and disinfection at once. Working with professionals is also the best way to avoid the development of foul and incredibly pervasive, post-flood odors.

There Are A Number Of Dangers In Flood Restoration And Repairs

Anytime there are standing bodies of water in a home while the electricity is still turned on, there’s a major risk of electrocution. Having power supplies shut off is one of the first precautions that trained professionals will take when tackling these projects. In instances of major flooding, homeowners also have to think about the immediate impact that these events have had on the integrity of their floors, sub-floors, and other supporting building elements. Moreover, most floodwater is filled with a number of harmful, chemical and biological contaminants that can wreak havoc on human health if they are not dealt with properly. Restoration companies that work within this niche have special, safety training and equipment for keeping themselves protected when confronted by all manner of contaminants.

You’ll Get A Seamless Restoration Plan And Far Less Stress

It’s also a lot less stressful to have a seasoned company handling these efforts. You won’t have to worry about renting extraction equipment, developing mold in hidden areas, or unnecessarily exposing yourself or your loved ones to harmful contaminants. Best of all, your provider can give you a seamless, end-to-end solution that includes everything from drying and disinfection, to structural replacements and repairs. You can even count on your provider to collect and properly dispose of all saturated and unsalvageable items.

It might seem cheaper to clean up your own flood as opposed to filing a claim. Over the long-term, however, the short-term savings that you gain from this choice will hardly prove worthwhile. Moreover, insufficient cleaning and disinfection after flooding can lead to both latent building damages and pervasive, mold and mildew growth. For these and other reasons, hiring trained professionals is always the fastest way to regain a sense of normalcy, and the best strategy for protecting the value and integrity of your home investment.

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