Eco Friendly Solutions to Replacing your Windows and Doors

Sooner or later, every homeowner is faced with the prospect of replacing the windows, and while you are at it, you might as well go the whole hog and replace the doors, which will match perfectly with the windows. Modern replacement windows are maintenance free, and while aluminium used to be the material of choice, uPVC has taken over as the most popular frame material. While aluminium is also maintenance free, condensation issues often arise, and with uPVC, you have a material with exceptional thermal insulation, making it ideal for window and door frames.

Eco-Friendly Frames

The modern uPVC used to fabricate windows is harmless to humans, and with seamless welding joints, the units are very strong and durable. It is important to choose composites that do not damage the environment in any way, and uPVC certainly falls into that category, and the energy you save ponce the double glazed units are installed will reduce your carbon footprint, as well as saving you some money.

Boost your Home Security

It is well known in the double glazing industry that the units are virtually impenetrable, and while you might see a few homes that also have video surveillance, it really isn’t essential as every access point is already protected. The latest generation of PVC windows incorporate a multi-locking system and providing you remember to lock the units, your home is safe from intruders.

Thermal Insulation

Whether summer or winter, replacement double glazed windows will give you great thermal insulation, keeping your interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the cold months. The double glazed units would typically have a 20mm gap, which is hermetically sealed, and this reduces heat transfer by as much as 60%. Using less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature will certainly be welcome, and you will notice a comfortable, even temperature around the home.

Exterior Noise

We tend to filter out the neighbour’s dog barking, or the sound of a nearby lawnmower, and when it suddenly disappears, it can be quite a surprise. If you work shifts, for example, and need to sleep at irregular hours, double glazing will ensure you sleep soundly, or if you want to watch that compelling documentary in peace.

Appealing Exterior

Modern design allows for a range of colour and finishes, with a faux timber grain that is stunning and suitable for a rural property. If your home is modern, sleek white works well, and for a period property, Tudor or Georgian style would be more appropriate, and the supplier would have an extensive catalogue for you to browse, should you need some inspiration.

There are many companies in the double glazing industry, and you should look for one that is established in your area, and one that has a good reputation within the local community. Ask a few potential contractors to quote and this will give you a chance to evaluate each on their own merits and make an informed decision.


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