Do You Need a Tree or Stump Removed

We love our trees in this country. Indeed, our capital cities have plenty of tree-lined streets and parks. This not only looks great but also helps to clean up any air pollution that might otherwise cause a problem. With so many trees in both public and private areas to look after, there are always going to be problems. Sometimes, trees have to be cut down and stumps removed.

Why a Tree Might Need Removing

While it would be fantastic if we could keep all of our beloved trees, there are simply times when they need to be removed. This could be for a number of reasons, including:

  • The tree is diseased or dead.
  • It is causing damage to nearby electrical lines or buildings.
  • Its growth has become a problem in the area that it currently occupies.
  • The tree needs to be removed due to imminent construction plans in the area
  • The tree is actually toxic or poisonous in some way.

In fact, it is not at all uncommon for local councils to contact companies that specialise in tree removal in Sydney. Just think of the dangers presented when a tree is unstable or diseased. It may not only fall on cars, roads, and buildings but may also present a risk to innocent pedestrians! Indeed, every year, trees or parts of trees need to be removed by experts because they have been damaged by excessively dry weather and have become unstable and dangerous.

Tree and Stump Removal around Your Own Home

Of course, it is not just local councils and public areas where tree removal may be required. Many homeowners and even business owners require stumps and trees to be removed. In some cases, a homeowner needs a stump or tree removed because it is dead and is attracting termites, which can cause a lot of damage to other areas of the home.

The problem is that many people take on this potentially dangerous job themselves, thinking that a chainsaw might just be the answer. The risks in this scenario are very real and may include:

  • Falling from the tree and causing injury or worse
  • The tree or part of the tree falling and causing injury
  • Injury through the misuse of equipment such as chainsaws

Experienced arborists understand the tools and techniques required to remove a tree safely and securely. They will often use ropes, elevated work platforms, and cranes to help in removing trees. Furthermore, they also carry climbing and rigging equipment and understand how to use them properly and the risks involved.

If you need a tree removed, don’t take all of the risks yourself. Call out an experienced arborist to get the job done quickly, safely, and effectively.

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