5 Advantages of Fitting a Frameless Glass Shower

Are you thinking about renovating your old bathroom? Does it feel dull and lifeless? One of the most affordable ways to refresh your bathroom is to install a frameless glass shower, glass helps to make the room look sleek, stylish, and modern. You can order customised designs and frameless glass shower units cut to precision. They add value to your home and create additional space in your bathroom.

  1. Natural Light > If you plan to install a frameless glass shower in your home, you’ll benefit greatly from the amount of natural light they allow in. Many homeowners prefer natural light to illuminate their room when they take a shower in the morning before going to work, it helps your body to adjust and makes you feel more refreshed during the day. Natural light is also the best type of light for grooming, you can see a lot better when carrying out task such as shaving.
  2. Visual Appeal > Frameless glass showers look really attractive when finished, the glass helps to create a stylish, modern design. If you currently have standard shower curtains in your bathroom, fitting a frameless glass alternative will make a significant difference. They give your room a feeling of exclusivity, making your space look more like a luxury hotel rather than residential premises.
  3. Maintenance > One of the best things about having a frameless glass shower in your home is maintenance, they are easy to clean and don’t require regular attention. Bathrooms can get very dirty because of the number of people who use them daily but having a frameless glass shower helps to easily keep the area clean. Apart from having the odd soap stain, a frameless glass shower won’t attract dirt. The only thing you’ll have to do is the wipe the glass clean from time to time.
  4. Custom Design > A lot of shower curtains only come in a standard size, they are only designed to fit a specific size unlike customised frameless glass units. You can get glass cut to size in Perth from several good companies who specialise in frameless glass showers, all you have to do is take measurements and request panels that perfectly fit your bathroom. Alternatively, you could call a company to come and measure the space and fit the entire unit.
  5. Added Space > Getting rid of bulky, unsightly frames on your shower screens can make your bathroom look a lot more spacious and elegant. Frameless glass showers create additional space, if you have an old bathtub or shower unit in your bathroom, you can replace it with a smooth, compact, trendy looking unit.

Your shower is your main feature in relation to your bathroom, it is the most noticeable unit as you enter the room, and nothing stands out like a frameless glass shower. It is an excellent addition to any bathroom, particularly if you plan on selling your home in the future, buyers are attracted to modern bathroom designs that include a frameless glass shower.

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